June 2: The Dodos

Photo courtesy of Max Winkler
Oh a trend is forming! Another show with no Nate. Instead, our phenomenal concert correspondent, Kellen O'Brien hit up the Dodos show on Thursday night at the Bluebird Theater. We've got shots and video (courtesy of Max Winkler) from the show, so get ready to get something!

Kellen: The Dodos are water drinkers. With pounding rhythmic interplay, drummer Logan Kroeber and frontman Meric Long perform a sonic biathlon. After most songs, Kroeber spent a few moments massaging his wrists and wiping off the sweat. A compelling two-person act takes a lot of energy even if there is a modern day Pat Smear in accompaniment.

After working until 8, I met Lizzie at my apartment. We had a quick drink with our concert buddies and high tailed it to the Bluebird. We missed Gauntlet Hair, and the Dodos were already on stage when we arrived. I quickly purchased myself a McSorley’s Irish Black Lager and found a spot on the first terrace. As I said in my No Color review, the Dodos stick to a signature sound.

Long and Kroeber are sound fiends. They went on huge digressions several times, jamming relentlessly. When they discovered a different key or rode a wave of feedback, happiness washed over their faces.

Long and Kroeber play in sync, in their own worlds.

They also played spot on renditions of some of their best songs. “Fools” is one of my favorites, an early standout, and Thursday’s set closer.

Initially, I felt a bit underwhelmed because the Dodos only played an hour, but, upon further reflection, I am happy they left me wanting more. With a fresh, simple sound, a pleasing live show, and one of the best band names in the business, I am sure that I will see them many more times in the future.
Photo courtesy of Max Winkler

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