Fruit Bats & Vetiver, Cut Copy, and The Head and the Heart LIVE in Denver

Earlier this week, we received some great footage of the St. Vincent show in Boulder from our dear friend-of-the-Lantern, Max Winkler. Well, today, we've got even more greatness, capturing a handful of shows that we were unable to cover with full reviews (except for one, the Fruit Bats and Vetiver performance at Twist and Shout made these "pages" already). Thanks to the indomitable Mr. Winkler, whose Roots Verdes tumblr features some killer design and photography from around the globe, we happily present video from that Fruit Bats/Vetiver combo, October 4th's Cut Copy show, and October 10th's The Head and the Heart show. Check out "Tony the Tripper," "Lights & Music" and "Lost In My Mind" below. And for the love of all that is sacred, holy and hopefully coated in a fine layer of powdered sugar, have a charming Thursday! X's and O's from Gas Lantern Media.

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