The Shins - "Simple Song"

Wowsers we've got to welcome the Shins back into our arms warmly! A couple days ago, we were graced with the release of a brand new track, one that is as creative, delightful and fucking incredible as anything the band has ever done before. It's called "Simple Song," but it's far from that. This new sound, one that's more generally rocking, with hints of warbling madness and goofiness, retains the same old love we remember from Chutes Too Narrow and Oh, Inverted World! with catchy-as-hell riffs, and true and earnest lyrics. Plus, it's a song that flies forward despite being one of the longer songs in the band's ever-growing repertoire. Bottom line, "Simple Song" is perfect and teases you with every lyric and note. Now, who else (other than me) can't wait for their new album? Oh, I see hands... so many raised hands.

Another point of accolade: The site for the song, linked here, uses such a wonderful reel-to-reel player graphic in place of the traditional timeline for the track time tracking. (Confused yet?) It's a sweet and simple design point that really speaks to the Shins' fans and to a certain '70s nostalgia that is evident within the track. Dig on this. And happy Friday the 13th... Muwahahaha.

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