Time - "This is Not an Exit" (ft. Jason Horodyski)

Exits. That's the concept of Denver's own Time's new video/track "This is Not an Exit." But it's more than exits. It's about escapism in all its forms: drugs, sex, war, suicide and anything else you can dream up as a way to avoid the real crux of an issue. It's a song about tragedy, and a video that ends with death too. The conversational style of the video, taking place first in a diner, and then in the final moments of the protagonist's life, drives the point home further. It's a hip-hop track about sitting with a buddy, considering the depths of fear and lack of purpose and lust and fame and sadness, and then seeing him slowly break down. Back up vocals by friend of the blog, Jason Horodyski, add yet more flavor, dressing the sometimes upbeat rhymes with a slow, Greek chorus style answer that seems to say, you'll never find a way out of these things. The tragedy of the song is that even with Horodyski's (he's from Maudlin Magpie, too) external advising, Time's character doesn't get it. He's too wrapped up in finding a way out to see that looking for one is the thing that's actually killing him. Check the track out below. "This is Not an Exit" is remarkable evidence that the Denver hip-hop scene is lush and lively. Dig.

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