Vices I Admire - 2012 Sampler

First, an apology is in order. I was out on a long whirlwind trip to see relatives, including my elderly (95) grandfather. Those trips always remind of a few things. Thing One: We do not choose our family, but we love them anyway. Thing Two: There's something valuable about the idea of living a long life, but I wonder how much we obsess over the idea when we're younger, forgetting that those people who have reached "long life" might not be as happy as we believe they should be. Thing Three: I have a very nice life of my own that is worth enjoying for every single second of it. In any case, I have been away from this space for a little while, focusing on the comic, but I will never let Gas Lantern go because the music means so much to me. Also, it has afforded me some great inside tracks to incredible bands like Vices I Admire.

With hints of The Killers, but with Hot Fuss lyrical coherence throughout, Vice I Admire is a hidden gem. To boot, they're from Denver, my incredible home city. In short, this band fucking kills at everything. In a song like "Sweetest Girl" David Curtis's vocals growl while giving away a bit of vulnerability that makes the lusty narrative and Madonna/Whore complex story depth. Mickey Dollar on guitar shreds beautifully, angrily and sensually at once, and Dan Battenhouse's bass lines are hearty, driving, and leading. The drumming via Mark Towne, create a controlled chaos that's brain-rattling and energizing. This is driving music. This is also Queens of the Stone Age/Foo Fighters/so much more. "Kiss Kiss" sounds dangerous, but never lost of its pop sensibilities. Whispered backing vocals create a call-and-response that's haunting. The crawling guitars frighten and entice.

The band, according to their website, met at CSU up in Fort Collins, but this point, today in 2012 may well define them the most. They are Colorado's next big act. They just are. The music is refined and potent. These songs will stick in your head. They will make you move. They aren't cock rock, they aren't stadium rock, they are super-garage rock, vibrant and fiery. There are even shades of Prince in songs like "Heartbreaker." And the potent rattling march of "It Is" can give way to a more casual, softer feeling too. I hate to make broad declarations about music, but there's really no downside here. You'll find male confusion, sexuality, loss of self, rediscovery, powerful calls for revolution, and all of it with perfectly crafted melodies and arrangements. They get heavy and a little overwrought in places. "Poor Boy" felt a little too frantic, but amid the rest of the mix, it's not a failure, but a digression.

Holy shit. Listen to it here. Then think about offering Vices I Admire something and buying it.


  1. Fucking awesome! Thank you for taking the time necessary to really dig in real deep like.


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