Shameless Self-Promotion: The Devious Crump

Announcing, possibly the greatest mixed-media children's book available in digital formats for people of all ages created by me, Gas Lantern's Nate Ragolia: The Devious Crump is a picture story, told in stunning words and images. Originally finished in 2009 - 2010, this beautiful little tale is available now in iTunes, Nook Bookstore and Lulu.com for only $5.99. It tells of the titular Devious Crump, a squat, pointy little monster that hypnotizes people and animals to steal from them. He's a mischievous little bugger. All seems well and good in the Crump's friendless, thieving little world until the day he tries to steal flowers from Jean Elamoo and discovers that not only is she immune to his magic, swirling eyes, disguises and tricks, but she also hides a secret that could lead the Crump to his untimely demise. Oh what will become of that Devious Crump?

Normally, I'd shy away from writing about outside creative projects, but the Crump is something that I'm quite proud of, and hope to share with readers who love original, off-kilter art, and a cute, storybook-style narrative. I submit it for your digestion and hopeful approval. Check out some pages from the book below, and consider giving it a shot. Or, maybe just passing it along to a child-ful family near you. Thank you, and I promise I will never promote in this space again... until there's something new to promote. ;)

All words and images Copyright Nate Ragolia 2009 - 2012

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