Vices I Admire - Fables

In the past, I've used this space to applaud the amazing work of Denver's Vices I Admire. The band Fables on May 4th, featuring the epic cover art shown above. Vices, as I'll refer to them colloquially from now on, were a post-punk, hard rocking band when I saw them last. What we hear on Fables is a more bare mix, loaded with more creative songwriting, and more complex arrangements. Shades of Jimmy Eat World's debut, and Queens of the Stone Age come to mind, but Vices is also climbing undauntedly toward a confident stadium rock greatness.
has, in the short time, evolved generations. They are releasing a new EP titled

With a partially revamped line-up, you can read details below, Vices I Admire now plays for a larger crowd than they had on albums and tracks past. This is a band happily building its audience, but actively seeking the world to hear them. A mellower, more earnest, and direct lyrical style makes Fables a deserving listen. And the catchy, alt-pop hooks and melodies create an experience that both demands dancing and decries the nonchalance associated with tapping your feet to songs about distance, disillusionment and rebirth.

Check out "Come Home" and "Beautiful Fire" for two disparate, unique and enjoyable tastes. You can listen to the album for a limited time here: http://vicesiadmire.bandcamp.com/album/fables.

Tickets for the May 4th CD release show are currently available at moonroomatsummit.com

Vices I Admire is an alternative rock band from Denver, CO. The current lineup is Dave Curtis (vocals, guitar; 2002-present), Dan Battenhouse (bass, vocals; 2009-present) and Alex Simpson (drums, vocals; 2012-present); for performances, a second-guitarist spot is filled by various musicians, the most recent being Tavis Alley (of Speakeasy Tiger) and Scott Uhl (of Glass Delirium).


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