Sad Song Sack - Links!

I owe these links to an internet search that you won't find on your Googles and your Yahoos and other such naughty/exclamatory websites. My coworker, and champion of music and hilarity, one J. Curry, sent me a link to iMeem when I started this blog-thing. So, while I work on the next couple of entry ideas and overcome this absurd craving for pistachios (Damnation, Xmas stocking!) you can actually hear the songs from Santa's Sad Song Sack on your very own computers! For free! (!!!)

Sadly, we're missing Cat Power, and The Magnetic Fields tracks. Neither appear to be supported by the jukebox utility, so I offer you a minor penance, linked at the bottom as a super-special "bonus" track.

Happy New Year! And let's get excited about the new Neko Case album "Middle Cyclone."

Here are the tunes:

1. Leslie Anne Levine
3. Black Cab
4. New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
5. Val Jester
6. Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe
7. How To Be A Perfect Man
8. Shoot Doris Day
9. This Boy Is Exhausted
10. Maps
11. Pink Bullets

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