The Big Blue Button

The internet is loaded with dazzling points of fascination, whether news, video, comedy, animation, games... ubiquitous pornography... pages loaded with dancing hamsters, or that little encyclopedia that could, Wikipedia. I don't have much to say today, just a couple of links that needed sharing. One, which gave this particular post its moniker is bombombombomwooooo.com. Not merely a delightful pastime, it's also a charming piece of nostalgia from what used to be my favorite show for a day home sick from school: The Price Is Right. Anyone can use the site as an ironic, or just plain "jokily mean" way to communicate "sympathy" or "tiredness with all that damn whining" in the following situations:

- Friend is dumped by a person you knew wasn't worth their time to begin with
- Friend's favorite sports team loses a big game
- (For the ladies) Man you are with assumes he has successfully pleasured you, but sadly, has not
- Your DVR mistakenly records Land of the Lost instead of the new episode of Lost.

In each of the above cases, along with literally hundreds more, simply send the friend or unpleasing lover in question to the website and request that they push the button. (i.e. Man: "Oh, babe, I totally just rocked your world. Really. Rocked. Your world." Woman: Umm... Yeah... Let me show you something on the internet.") If you have a tiny violin to play for them I recommend tuning it in advance.

The second link for the post is Let Me Google That For You: http://lmgtfy.com/, a site that helps you to give the ultimate backhanded assist to a coworker, friend, lover, pet or owner. I know because it was done to me, and it's hilarious. Next time some one asks you a question that could easily be googled, assuming he's at a computer (I mean, let's not be a Jerk jerk, just a goof jerk) you can send him the link that Let Me Google That For You makes and watch as they he opens it and Google googles it for him. It works great with an obscure film reference, or even something about history, philosophy or geography. Really, it's the internet joke gift that keeps on giving. It's funny. It's neat. It tasty-sweet. WARNING: Actual experience may vary. Do not attempt to taste Let Me Google That For You, your PC, Mac or any component of the internet without supervision.

So, that's it. Links! Enjoy.

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